Importance of Emergency Shower for Health and Safety

An emergency shower is basically what you need in your work station to help in the reduction of hazards caused by contact to high-risk chemicals. When a human body comes into contact with a chemical, especially the corrosive type, they will need to wash their body within the first 10-15 second. If not washed within the first few seconds, these chemicals could cause serious harm. This is where emergency shower and eye wash is extremely important to make sure that they can wash off the chemicals off their body as it happens.

Accidents will always happen, exposing you to hazards. This is why when working you will need to have protection on. This includes face shields and goggles, in addition, you should follow the correct procedures in using protective equipment. Body contact will always range from a small facial contact to a large area on the body. KL Lab Supplies ( has a solution for the two situations.
Eyewash - this is available for the times when one gets in contact with chemicals or they splash on the face and eyes. The eyewash station should help one flush their eyes and face when these emergencies occur.

Emergency shower - it is used where the chemical is in contact with a larger area of the body. Using this emergency equipment will spare you the pain associated with chemicals. It will flush all the chemicals off your body and clothes effectively. The emergency shower should never be used with your eyes and face since it runs water at high pressure and could damage your eyes.

The need for an eyewash station of an emergency shower will be determined by the nature of a company and the risks involved. You can either install one or both. In any company, the employer is supposed to make sure that the workers are safe. Emergency shower stations should be set up to reduce the risks involved with work. The right equipment should be provided, placed in a strategic place (not far from the work station) and all workers should be trained on how to use such equipment. Always note that emergency showers are meant to be used only for emergencies.
The shower should be tested regularly to ensure that it’s still functional to avoid instances where you need it and it fails. When tested, you will be able to tell whether this safety equipment needs maintenance so that it can operate at optimum. The shower should run water at a good temperature (15.5-37.7 that is 60-100). This allows the affected person to stand in the shower for the required 15 minutes with ease. They might even stay longer, removing all the chemicals from the body.

Why Emergency Shower is Important

  • They provide instant decontamination and ease the worker the pain involved with hazardous substances that in many times are the corrosive type.
  • Emergency shower allows you to flush chemical out of clothes so that they are not corroded. This is very important to ensure that you don’t have problems with torn clothes.
  • Emergency shower acts as backups to minimize the injuries that might be caused by chemicals. You will always have instances where these chemicals spill, even with the best engineering and application of protection equipment.
  • They can be used to effectively extinguish small fires on clothes or the likes.