Lab PP Chemical Resistant Centrifugal Fan

Lab PP Chemical Resistant Centrifugal Fan

Centrifugal fan is used to describe a mechanical device for moving air or other gases. The terms "blower" and "squirrel cage fan" are often used as synonyms of centrifugal fan because of it hamster wheel design look. To The fans increase the speed of air stream by rotating the impellers continuously.


In order to operate the chemical resistant centrifugal fan, it use the kinetic energy of the impellers or the rotating blade to increase the pressure of the air or gas stream which in turn moves them against the resistance caused by ducts, dampers and other components. The Polypropylene chemical resistant centrifugal fans accelerate air radially, changing the direction of the airflow in 90°. These chemical resistant polypropylene centrifugal fans are well known for their sturdy, quiet, reliable, and capable of operating over a wide range of conditions.

LAB-K Polypropylene chemical resistant centrifugal fan is constructed from corrosion-resistant materials and designed for duct mounting, provide utmost reliability wherever dust, fumes, contaminated air, toxic or corrosive gases are to be handled, have a low noise level and are easily maintained. An integrated extraction system is an essential component of a Fume Cupboard Management System. Chemical resistant polypropylene centrifugal fan are suitable for laboratory usage to keep the air fresh.

To fulfil our customer needs, we had several range of chemical resistant polypropylene centrifugal fans, which come with full complete set, complete set without motor cowl only, fan casing set without motor, fan bracket & motor cowl, and fan casing with fan inlet only. Also, we have spare parts available, such as 250mm PP impeller, fan casing, B35 foot cum flange motor, fan bracket, motor cowl, and fan assembly manual.