Lab PP Sink

Lab PP Sink

Our lab PP Sink is made from nontoxic lightweight polyolefin that is able to resist chemical substances that is suitable for laboratory and industrial environment.


These lab PP sinks are moulded in various sizes to your exact dimensions, and is injected melded from high quality Polypropylene material to ensure maximum durability and strong chemical resistance.

Uses of Lab PP Sink

In the laboratory, different items are needed for use by people. Such needed equipment, tools, or apparatuses are important in the laboratory for enabling comfortable sitting and performing different experiments.

One such apparatus that you will need in the lab is a sink. A lab sink is important as a water source for processes and equipment. Moreover, lab sinks are also important for washing gloves and hands so that contaminants are able to be discharged into the drain sink.

You should always ensure that when you buy lab sink that you only get a product like polypropylene Sink, which is able to resist potential damage by chemical substances and as a result is a great fit for the laboratory and industrial environment.

Why Use Polypropylene Sink

Polypropylene Sink has superior resistance to different acids, reagents, alkaline, solvents, and even UV light because of the material used to make the lab sink. For that reason, a laboratory sink made from Polypropylene (PP) is perfect for use in the demanding laboratories of today. Polypropylene is a tough raw material that is increasingly relied on for the construction and production of many laboratory accessories that are corrosion resistant and have superior quality.

Our Polypropylene Sinks are lightweight and impact resistant. This is important for making installation of our lab pp sink easy. Additionally, our lab pp sink comes with features and fittings which make it possible to accommodate various requirements and designs of any laboratory bench.

Features and benefits of our Polypropylene Sink:-

  • Made from a material resistant to impact and corrosive environments which may be comprised of chemicals and acids.
  • Long-lasting.
  • We have a variety of polypropylene sinks to enable blending with your particular laboratory workbench.
  • Installation is easy and simple.
  • Lightweight, which translates into reduced cost of freight and materials for construction.

In conclusion, when you choose KK LAB SUPPLIES SDN BH to supply your laboratory sink, you are guaranteed of an only high-quality product. We provide quality assurance. Our prices are also generally relatively affordable.