Laboratory Service Fitting
KK Lab Supplies develops, manufactures and delivers complete laboratory service fittings for professional laboratories. Our quality products ensure the accurate flow of water, gases and air, from source to user. With our wide knowledge of laboratory, it allows us to continually develop and optimize our products to meet customer needs and specifications. The main products for our laboratory service fitting are laboratory water tap, gas valve, remote control for fume cupboard, service outlet, and laboratory water mixer. All the products focus on safety, flexibility, functionality and quality.


Our laboratory water tap are divided into few categories, which are single way water fitting, two way water fitting, three way water fitting, female inlet water fitting, and male water fitting. You can choose from swivel outlet, fixed outlet, or wall mounted, and also with or without elbow action handle. There are also 3 main types of gas valve, which is single way, two way, or four way that come with different mounting and valve shape.

The remote controls for fumecupboard produced by KK Lab are suitable for gas or water control. The tubes are made with copper, also with different size and inlet & outlet. To fulfil the different needs in laboratory, the water mixer are design with different specification, which is bench mounted one hole mixer, bench mounted one hole mixer with elbow action handle, bench mounted two holes mixer, bench mounted two hole mixer with elbow action handle, wall mounted two hole mixer, and wall mounted two hole mixer with elbow action handle.